If you wish to develop a thoughtful or strategic charitable giving plan, a DonorsTrust donor-advised account could be your most valuable financial planning tool. Since contributions are immediately tax-deductible when placed in your personal account, there is no pressure to disperse the account assets. This allows you to approve grants at your leisure and to your satisfaction.

In this way, your account operates much like a private foundation with DonorsTrust managing the administrative and regulatory burdens often accompanying charitable giving. With those headaches alleviated, you can focus on where you want to give and how you want to structure the gift. Whether you make large charitable gifts or several smaller gifts, DonorsTrust can administer them all at once or only as the stewardship of the recipient organization(s) is apparent.

If you wish to involve your heirs in administering your charitable assets but want to guarantee that your charitable capital will be spent on causes consistent with your principles, be assured that your appointed successor-advisors can only recommend grant disbursements falling within your stated charitable intent and the mission of DonorsTrust.