Special program funds are donor-initiated and donor-funded projects incubated by DonorsTrust and administered at the pleasure of its Board of Directors. These highly focused and non-interest bearing accounts allow individuals to sponsor nascent projects that are small or outside the purview of an established nonprofit yet are promising education and research initiatives positioned to promote liberty.

Special program funds may engage advisors, consultants, or nonprofit organizations to help establish goals and objectives, review grant proposals, or commission, oversee, or conduct projects and research consistent with the purpose and mission of DonorsTrust.

Current special program funds administered by DonorsTrust are as follows:

    • Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP). Conventional wisdom holds that America is under-invested in higher education and that students do not have enough access to colleges and universities. The solution advanced by the proponents of this claim is greater government expenditures on higher education. Based on preliminary research, CCAP believes that the opposite is true, and that we are perhaps over-invested in higher education. This research study addresses this deficiency and forms the foundation for later research on how to make higher education less dependent on government subsidies. Click here to find out more.

    • Government and Growth Fund. Three major trends have the potential of dramatically affecting economic, political, and social outcomes over the next 50 years: retirement of the “baby boom” generation, the cost increase for medical services, and the tendency for per-capita growth in government spending to exceed output per capita. To provide greater understanding of these forces at work, the Government and Growth project proposes to take a new look at how government actions affect the economy and will examine spending, taxation, and regulation within a framework of dynamic cost benefit analysis. This will be used to develop a set of empirically-based analytical tools measuring the true costs of government spending, taxation, and regulation and the consequent effects on economic growth.

    • Project on Fair Representation. The Project on Fair Representation was launched to challenge provisions of the Voting Rights Act which institutionalized a system of federally mandated racial gerrymandering that has negatively affected racial and ethnic preferences. The Project plans to effect change in law and public policy in this area through a combination of research, litigation, and public education in the four areas where racial discrimination is the most entrenched: voting, education, public contracting, and employment. Click here to find out more.

    • Project of Perceptions of Americans Abroad. The Project of Perceptions of Americans Abroad is a research project which aims to compile information about perceptions of the United States, as expressed around the world in public opinion surveys, the mass media, and in interviews specially conducted for this project. This is a short-term project intended to result in several possible publications.
    For more information about these funds or about submitting a special program fund for approval by the Board of Directors, please contact DonorsTrust.