If you wish to establish a personalized account and retain the right to make specific grant recommendations to various charities over time, a donor-advised account is your best option. With a donor-advised account, you may make grant recommendations with the understanding that the Board of Directors will make every effort to honor any request falling within the Trust's overall mission and your charitable intent.

If you would prefer to rely on DonorsTrust to disburse funds to specific organizations, consider the unrestricted fund. You may select a specific area of giving--including but not limited to economics, governance, education, social welfare, health, environment, foreign relations, and arts & culture--and transfer the responsibility of disbursing funds to organizations working within that area to DonorsTrust. You may also make a general contribution to the unrestricted fund. The Trust's Board of Directors will administer all unrestricted contributions in keeping with the Trust's mission and principles.

Complete information on donor-advised accounts and the unrestricted fund including Grant Distribution Guidelines and Succession Provisions, are available in The Donor's Guide to DonorsTrust.