Since the fundamental purpose of DonorsTrust is to help support charitable causes seeking to maximize individual and economic liberty by minimizing government intervention in the personal and public lives of individuals, your grant recommendations must also reflect this purpose.

A broad variety of charities are encouraging this idea of liberty. For example, DonorsTrust has made grant distributions to research hospitals, religious organizations, private schools, museums, public interest law firms, and universities in addition to public policy organizations. Any public charity consistent with DonorsTrust's commitment to seek to alleviate society's greatest needs through education and research efforts, as well as through private initiatives in social welfare, health, the environment, economics, governance, foreign relations, and arts and culture can be supported.

As an account holder, you may request grant distributions throughout the year by submitting a Grant Distribution Request Form to DonorsTrust by fax, mail, or email. Should you wish to submit a grant request by email, please send to If you have any questions regarding your grant requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grants may not be used for private benefit, such as school tuition, dues or memberships, benefit tickets, fundraising dinners, your time or services, gifts to individuals, or goods bought at auction. The Trust will not normally approve grants to organizations that are dependent on government sources of funding, or, more specifically, that receive more than 25% of their revenue from government sources. Grants can only be made to organizations that qualify as public charities.