With a donor-advised fund at DonorsTrust, you simply make your contribution to your fund, immediately generate a tax deduction, and then choose the timing of grants to charities you wish to support. DonorsTrust does the rest.

Start your giving journey. 

"Donor intent is a big problem. I think most people should view legacy giving as thorny. It certainly is for me. That is where DonorsTrust can be very helpful."

"Right now, I give small amounts to handful of organizations and learning from what I hear about those investments. And it’s addictive: The more I give, the more I want to give more."

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Bill and Sarah Walton, DonorsTrust givers

Scott Barton, a DonorsTrust giver

DonorsTrust is a donor-advised fund provider. At first glance, we resemble the thousands of such fund providers that exist across the U.S.

But we’re different.

We share your commitment to protecting our constitutional liberties and strengthening civil society through private institutions rather than with government programs.

Why Choose DonorsTrust?

At DonorsTrust, we help donors have a positive and principled impact with their giving in a simple, private, and tax-friendly way. This video shares our story – and the story of those we work with.

Principled Giving