What would Henry Ford think about his hard earned dollars now funding an array of liberal causes that undermine the free market economy through their devotion to "political correctness," an expanded federal government, and a whole host of other left-wing and trendy social issues? If he were alive, he wouldn't stand for it!

The Ford Foundation isn't the only foundation that has slipped from its conservative roots. And today these traitorous foundations are far better funded than their conservative counterparts. The leading liberal foundation has over $9 billion dollars in assets. By contrast, the leading conservative foundation has barely $500 million.

That's why we established DonorsTrust-a conservative, free-market alternative to the big liberal foundations. We were horrified by stories of groups like the Ford Foundation and were inspired to find a way to preserve the charitable intent of donors beyond their lifetime.

We provide individuals who share in our mission with alternatives to establishing a private foundation. We advise account holders how they can avoid the pitfalls of Henry Ford. And we direct funds to conservative and libertarian causes-effective organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute who share our commitment to freedom.

That's why we'd like to ask you for your help. Your support of DonorsTrust provides the tools for recruiting and educating an army of conservative philanthropists. Your donations assist in distributing grants to liberty-loving organizations. And your financial assistance funds the research and due diligence necessary to maintain our database of worthy charities.

We hope to encourage hundreds and thousands of individuals to establish tiny "Ford Foundations" that together will use their resources to fund the ideas of liberty, free markets, and Constitutional government as established by our Founders, rather than politically correct liberalism.

Your support of DonorsTrust today will help us make a big difference in promoting the essential principles of free markets and individual liberty. Donations to DonorsTrust are tax-deductible so please consider giving $50, $500, or even $1,000 to help us build our resources and challenge the left-wing dominance of the philanthropic sector.

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