Why do our donors


“I give to focus on charitable impact instead of administrative details”

Bill & Sarah, Donors since 2018

“Once I understood how the donor-advised fund worked, I realized I could switch my giving around a bit to make it more efficient tax-wise for me with the fund.”

"A [giving account] was an attractive vehicle because it gave me the immediate benefit of making a charitable donation while allowing me to retain influence over where and when future gift distributions may be made. Meanwhile, the money in the account is invested so my charitable funds grow over time."

“Our giving has been more organized for our taxes. It's eliminated some of the weirdness we felt about giving and helped us think through our giving in a more structured way.”

We have granted out more than $2 billion to more than 3,000 charities

Whether to groups promoting the arts, community groups, religion, education, and public policy, these grantees protect our liberties and strengthen our civil society.