Engaging the Community of Non-Profits

As the community foundation for liberty, DonorsTrust wants to see the wide array of non-profit organizations in America flourish. We and our donor advisors specifically support those groups working to advance limited government, personal freedom, and free enterprise.

Groups receiving funds from DonorsTrust range include policy organizations, medical charities, arts groups, local and national civic groups, education projects, and houses of worship.

The team at DonorsTrust works hard to stay current on the nonprofit landscape, particularly among the large swath of liberty-advancing policy and educational groups.

Events & Sponsorships

DonorsTrust staffers regularly attend conferences, dinners, and events hosted by liberty network non-profits. While we can’t sponsor or attend everything, we welcome knowing what events you have in store. See the calendar and get more information with the link below.

Nonprofit Leadership Webinars

We host monthly webinars for non-profit leaders and fundraisers seeking to take their organization - and themselves - to the next level. Click below to see past webinars – and to sign up to receive future invitations.

Grantee Update Calls

The DonorsTrust team regularly meets with grantees to learn more about the latest updates. While we can’t meet with every organization, if you would like to inquire about meeting, email tellmemore@donorstrust.org.

Common Questions

How do I receive grants from DonorsTrust?

DonorsTrust grants are guided by the recommendation of our donor advisors. All groups receiving funds must be a 501(c)(3) public charity in good standing with the IRS. Further, we are likely to turn down grant requests to organizations that take more than 25% of annual revenues from government sources and/or that actively work to expand the size and scope of government. DonorsTrust does not accept unsolicited requests for grants.

Should I be pre-approved?

We do not offer a pre-approval, per se. New grantees are reviewed at the time a donor advisor requests a gift. If the organization meets the criteria noted above, the request is advanced to our Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, grantees stay on the “approved” list for three years, at which time they can be re-approved.

I received a grant from DonorsTrust. How do I thank the donor?

If the donor chose to share contact information with you in the grant transmittal letter or if it is from someone with whom you already know, please feel free to contact the donor. Some donors choose to give anonymously. While we can’t share further information if that is the choice the donor made, we are happy to send along a thank you note if you wish.

Note that any gift from DonorsTrust is just that – a gift from DonorsTrust, not the donor. No tax receipt should be provided to the donor recommending the grant as that donor’s tax deductible gift occurred when he or she contributed to the fund at DonorsTrust.

How do I update our contact information?

Use the Contact Us form to share that information with our team. Thank you for helping us to keep our records tidy!

I have a donor who may benefit from DonorsTrust. Do you accept donor referrals?

Absolutely. We are always eager to help you solve your donors’ problems, be it tax situation, donor intent concerns, planned giving questions, or concerns over privacy. Reach out to anyone on our team, email tellmemore@donorstrust.org, or call us at 703-535-3563.

Learn More About DonorsTrust

Want to learn more about DonorsTrust and its mission? Watch this short video.


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