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On the latest episode of Giving Ventures, DonorsTrust Vice President Peter Lipsett talks with Hans Zeiger, president of the Pennsylvania-based Jack Miller Center. Zeiger shares

On the latest episode of Giving Ventures, DonorsTrust Vice President Peter Lipsett talks with Dr. Norman Horn, founder and president of Libertarian Christian Institute; Nicholas

Study Conservatism with National Review Institute Craig is continually recruiting for the National Review Institute “Burke to Buckley” fellowship, a program geared toward working professionals

Utah Ranks No. 1 for Social Mobility Archbridge Institute recently released its state-by-state ranking of social mobility in the 50 states. Rounding out the top

Foundations, Universities Drifting from Original Values Numerous charitable foundations — created thanks to the wealth generated by titans of industry exercising their talents in a

Bernie Marcus an ‘Entrepreneurial Philanthropist’ Ruzek, a decorated Army combat veteran, says he knew next to nothing about philanthropy when he first signed up to

Forge Leadership Network ‘Farm Team’ for Conservative Movement Josefczyk has hope the embrace of free-market principles won’t end with members of Generation Z, especially if

‘We Are Aiming to Disrupt the Current Education System’ The folks at PragerU are challenging much of what’s being taught in American classrooms today —

Students Worldwide Requesting Copies of Ayn Rand’s Work Ayn Rand Institute staff work to propagate Ayn Rand’s view of the world—namely, objectivism, a term coined

Micro-School Parents Stopped ‘Waiting for Government to Solve All Their Problems’ Parents are leaving traditional classrooms in their rear-view mirror after government-mandated school closures nationwide

Award Namesake ‘Patriotic Guy, Served in the Marines’ “Greg Peterson was one of America’s very first venture capitalists; he accomplished a lot more than that

Need to Reach Everyday Person Who ‘Wants to Get Involved’ Adam says he and his team, rather than generating the research and ideas, are committed

March for Life Founders ‘Draw a Line in the Sand’ After Roe Jeanne Mancini has been at the helm of the March for Life for

Race, Ethnicity ‘Shouldn’t Be a Factor’ in College Admissions The Supreme Court in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard recently ruled accepting and rejecting students

Janus Gives Public Workers ‘Ability to Leave Their Union’ The landmark ruling in Supreme Court case Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal

Becket Supports ‘Religious Liberty For All’ Becket takes on dozens of faith-based cases a year and boasts victories for men and women of all religious

Recession ‘Likely to Get Worse’ The episode, taken from a conversation originally aired as a webinar for nonprofit leaders, starts on a pessimistic note. Thayer

Artificial Intelligence ‘Tremendous Advance’ George Gilder — who co-founded the Discovery Institute in 1990 and is a senior fellow for its center on wealth, poverty

Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association Share Washington’s Story in ‘Inspirational Manner’ Hand, who runs the history website “Americana Corner,” says his favorite historical site — hands

There are, however, individuals fighting to create new institutions of higher education that respect free speech and academic inquiry. In fact, on the latest episode

Classical Education About Studying ‘What Leads to a Flourishing Life’ Great Hearts Institute Executive Director Robert Jackson says Thomas Arnold, a 19th-century classical educator, describes

Promoting ‘Growth Mindset’ with Lemonade Stand Both guests talk about the importance of helping kids build their entrepreneurial skills, something that will serve them throughout

Mapping Out Your Philanthropic Strategy Life is full of setbacks but it’s often full of bright spots, too—bright spots both hard-fought and surprising, like a

Beauty ‘Gives Meaning to Life’ Smith, who returned full-time to Common Sense Society in 2021 after serving as the executive director and CEO of the

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