Giving Ventures Podcast: New Approaches to Reducing Poverty

As Peter says, “My colleagues and I regularly engage with groups that aim to limit government, grow personal responsibility, and strengthen free enterprise. This show lets us share the insights we glean from those conversations and, in turn, help you connect projects to your own philanthropy.”

The twice-monthly podcast will feature a variety of people, initiatives and nonprofits dedicated to making the world a better, freer place, all thanks to the ongoing generosity of our donor community. It will also connect givers with the causes and projects they care about the most.

So, pull up a chair or get some steps in as you stream our inaugural episode. The episode features Randy Hicks, president and chief executive officer of the Georgia Center for Opportunity; Mark Warner, president of Atlas Network; and Graham Walker, executive director of the Independent Institute.

These men are tasked with measuring impact. Impact is something organizations struggle to measure, oftentimes because organizations lacks clarity of purpose. That’s not the case with Randy Hicks. Randy pinpoints for listeners the problems at play in Georgia. He explains what’s needed to fix those problems and how he and his team gauge success.

Measuring Success

As Randy says, “The reality is that, ultimately, what we want to measure success by is whether or not fewer people are unemployed, fewer people are living in poverty. And so what we’ve got to do is kind of narrow those measurements around specific segments.”

Articulating Your Message

Additionally, Atlas Network President Matt Warner explains what his organization is doing to help liberty-centric think tanks more effectively communicate the upside of free-market policies. He shares how they unleash economic prosperity and, consequently, elevate the human condition.

As Matt says, billions of taxpayer dollars are spent annually to try and alleviate poverty, with little return. People are hungry for real solutions, says Matt. “One of the things that I think should have free-marketers in the U.S. pretty excited is that the appetite to think differently about poverty is out there.”

Plugging into Jobs Market

Finally, Graham educates listeners on the “homeless industrial complex.” He explains how it’s failing Californians and what the Independent Institute is doing to promote ideas that will turn California’s homeless crisis around. “People need help and they need to be able to get into the working economy,” Graham says.

This episode of Giving Ventures will get your mind racing. It’ll get you thinking about the all the possibilities for new philanthropic partnerships. And it will open your eyes to the ways your giving is changing the world. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and visit us at to stream the podcast.


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