Principled Giving.

DonorsTrust is a donor-advised fund. At first glance, we resemble the thousands of such funds that exist across the U.S.

But we’re different.

DonorsTrust is the only fund committed to supporting and promoting the principles of liberty. We make grants to charities that do not rely on government funding but do promote the foundations of civil society: limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. We seek to encourage philanthropy and individual giving, as opposed to governmental involvement, as an answer to society’s needs.

Our unique philosophical cornerstone is a commitment to preserving and defending donor intent. Over time, we have too often witnessed philanthropic capital stray from an original donor’s free-market ideals – the very principles that made their philanthropy possible in the first place. As an antidote to this drift, DonorsTrust was established as a 501(c)(3) public charity to ensure the intent of donors dedicated to the ideals of liberty.

We are well positioned to alleviate, through education, research and private initiative, society’s most pervasive and radical needs. We are quite proud of our clients who meet this challenge by giving generously to public policy organizations and also to organizations relating to social welfare, religion, health, the environment, economics, governance, foreign relations, and arts and culture.

Building a Legacy of Liberty

DonorsTrust launched in 1999 in collaboration with a small group of donors and nonprofit leaders who were actively engaged in supporting and promoting a free society as understood in America’s founding documents.

Specifically, the idea began with a single donor concerned about whether the community foundation to whom he’d entrusted his money would stay faithful to his charitable wishes after his death. DonorsTrust founders Whitney Ball and Kim Dennis suggested that what he needed was a community foundation for liberty-minded donors.

That idea grew into a vision, and that vision became DonorsTrust.

Over the next 17 years, DonorsTrust grew to be the only donor-advised fund dedicated to promoting a free society and serving donors who share that purpose. To date, DonorsTrust has received over $1 billion from these donors who are both dedicated to liberty and to the cause of perpetuating a free and prosperous society through philanthropic means. Since inception, DonorsTrust has granted out over $900 million to over 1,600 charities.

Can we help you, too?

DonorsTrust offers donor-advised accounts, one of the nation’s fastest growing charitable vehicles. Our boutique size lets us offer personal attention to our clients and creates an environment that makes giving simple, secure, and tax-advantaged. In addition, only DonorsTrust places the principles of liberty and the protection of donor intent at the heart of its services.

DonorsTrust clients find that a donor-advised account with us helps them in many ways. Discover more about the ways a donor-advised fund with DonorsTrust could help you by clicking on the benefit most important to you below.


Reduce your taxes

Advance your principles

Protect your intent

Define your legacy

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