Principled Giving.

DonorsTrust is a donor-advised fund provider. At first glance, we resemble the thousands of such fund providers that exist across the U.S.

But we’re different.

We share your commitment to protecting our Nation’s constitutional liberties and strengthening civil society through private institutions rather than with government programs.

We are well positioned to alleviate, through education, research and private initiative, society’s most pervasive and radical needs. We are quite proud of our clients who meet this challenge by giving generously to public policy organizations and also to organizations relating to social welfare, religion, health, the environment, economics, governance, foreign relations, and arts and culture.

Building a Legacy

At DonorsTrust our primary focus is on our donors and protecting their donor intent. Over time, we have too often witnessed philanthropic capital stray from an original donor’s free-market ideals—the very principles that made their philanthropy possible in the first place. As an antidote to this drift, DonorsTrust was established in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) public charity to ensure the intent of donors dedicated to the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise.

Specifically, the idea began with a single donor concerned about whether the community foundation to whom he’d entrusted his money would stay faithful to his charitable wishes after his death. DonorsTrust founders Whitney Ball and Kim Dennis suggested that what he needed was a community foundation for liberty-minded donors.

That idea grew into a vision, and that vision became DonorsTrust.

Since inception, DonorsTrust has granted out approximately $1.7 billion to more than 1,900 charities that protect our constitutional liberties and strengthen civil society without government funding.

Personal Attention

Our boutique size lets us offer our donors personal attention and advice that helps them achieve their philanthropic goals. We ensure that their intentions are protected and offer them a simple, effective and tax-advantaged way to give.

A donor-advised fund account allows you to have charitable dollars ready to put into action on your own schedule. It works like a charitable savings account, and our donors find that their account helps them in many ways.

Discover more about the ways a donor-advised fund account with DonorsTrust could help you by clicking on the benefit most important to you below.

Legacy Protection

Tax Savings

Simpler Giving

Liberty Advancement

Start Protecting Your Intent Today.

To learn more about how a donor-advised account can help you protect your donor intent, complete the form below to download your copy of 8 Steps to Securing Your Donor Intent. This step-by-step guide offers practical steps you can take starting today to ensure the principles you hold dear get advanced through your charitable giving, both now and in the future.


  • Peter Lipsett

    Peter Lipsett is vice president at DonorsTrust. He also leads DonorsTrust’s Novus Society, a network of donors under 40 committed to growing their philanthropic know-how. He has a dual degree in political science and theater from Davidson College and finally got a practical credential with an MBA from George Mason University.

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