Giving Ventures Podcast: Ep. 54 — How Charity Builds Social Mobility

On the latest episode of Giving Ventures, host and DonorsTrust Vice President Peter Lipsett talks with Archbridge Institute President and CEO Gonzalo Schwarz and Justin Callais, research fellow at Archbridge Institute and lead author of its Social Mobility Index project. Discover how the institute is mapping out state-by-state policies friendliest to upward economic mobility.

Utah Ranks No. 1 for Social Mobility

Archbridge Institute recently released its state-by-state ranking of social mobility in the 50 states. Rounding out the top five states with policies most conducive to upward mobility are Vermont, Delaware, Montana, Minnesota and — at No. 1 — Utah.

“[For example,] if you live in an area that has really restrictive occupational licensing, well, then it’s going to be really burdensome for someone who is on the lower-income ladder to spend the time and resources and money to get a license to become a hair dresser or a florist,” says Callais.

An assistant professor of economics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Callais ranks the states by combining and weighting four different indicators. Those pillars are entrepreneurship and growth; institutions and the rule of law; education and skills development; and social capital.


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