Preserve Your Charitable Intent

DonorsTrust affords you the security of preserving your charitable legacy beyond your lifetime. Unlike other donor-advised plans, DonorsTrust is absolutely committed to a clearly defined purpose and mission--supporting causes and public policies that preserve our constitutionally protected liberties and strengthen American civil society through private institutions rather than government programs. If this commitment aligns with your personal charitable goals, DonorsTrust can be trusted to honor your charitable legacy.

Acquire Personal Attention

At DonorsTrust, you can elect personalized program assistance in devising, structuring, and implementing your charitable giving strategy. DonorsTrust can work with you to ensure accountability from a grant recipient or advise you in achieving a specific philanthropic goal. You can achieve all of this while receiving the immediate tax benefits accorded gifts to public charities.

Build a Charitable Legacy

You can design your DonorsTrust donor-advised account to clearly reflect your philanthropic intentions. Over the life of your account, approve personally selected family members or heirs to be involved in your philanthropic activities. Choose whether these trusted appointees are involved during or after your lifetime--either way lengthening the value and impact of your charitable legacy. Rest assured that their involvement would never compromise your original charitable intent.