DonorsTrust accepts initial contributions of $10,000 or more to establish your personal donor-advised account. Subsequent contributions can be made in amounts of $500 or more. All contributions, whether cash or appreciated assets, are immediately tax deductible and are by law irrevocable. Click here to view DonorsTrust's public charity status.

As the account holder, you have the privilege of recommending grant disbursements (of at least $100) immediately or over the lifetime of your account to any number of qualified charities. DonorsTrust will honor all recommended disbursements falling within your stated charitable intent and the mission of DonorsTrust.

You may choose to allocate your account's assets among individually managed portfolio options professionally managed by Merrill Lynch. Your account status is communicated through a quarterly report reflecting your contribution(s), investment return, administrative and investment fees, and grant disbursement activity.

If you wish to establish an account of $1,000,000 or more, you may take advantage of special portfolio management options provided by Donors Capital Fund, a supporting organization associated with DonorsTrust.

All activities of DonorsTrust and your participation in the program are subject to the terms and conditions of the Trust's Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and The Donor's Guide to DonorsTrust. The Board of Directors of DonorsTrust reserves the right to modify the program at any time subject to the provisions of the By-laws.