A Giver’s Bill of Rights

December 15 is designated Bill of Rights Day. It’s the day marking ratification of our Constitution’s all-important first ten amendments that secure our freedoms as citizens.

Once we hit Bill of Rights Day, however, you have just two weeks to complete any charitable giving before the end of the year. Here’s an idea to help you form a more perfect charitable union: open up a donor-advised fund before the calendar turns.

Why? Basically put, a donor-advised fund, particularly with a trusted, principled provider like DonorsTrust, will simplify your life, allow you to advance liberty, and add to your pursuit of happiness.

With light homage to those first ten amendments, here are ten reasons to jump in with a donor-advised account at DonorsTrust:

1)  A donor-advised fund gives you the freedom to take your time in making giving decisions while getting your deduction covered this year.

2) A well-stocked donor-advised fund means you are armed to make contributions whenever you see a need – without infringing on your regular cash flow.

3) With the stock market up, contributing appreciated stock into a donor-advised fund offers significant tax savings. Quarter the capital gains for charitable purposes instead of seeing them taxed away.

4) At DonorsTrust, we serve as a safeguard against unreasonable violations and seizures of your donor intent. With our focus on protecting charitable intent, you can be sure the plan for your giving will continue as you wish. (Learn More: Download the 8 Steps to Securing your Donor Intent.)

5) We are committed to the principles of liberty. We believe in limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. You’re never witnessing against yourself when you work through DonorsTrust to advance these ideals. (And here’s a guide with 9 ways to use your giving to invest in liberty.)

6) You’ll always have assistance and counsel from the team at DonorsTrust. We’re just a phone call or an email away, and happy to answer questions about organizations about or discuss giving strategies.

7) Beyond the one-on-one conversation, we regularly offer news and ideas to help you be a more strategic giver – like the Expert’s Guide to Effective Giving (download it here).

8) The costs are not excessive – at 1%, our fee is lower than most community foundations. In return, you receive the personalized service you would expect from a small team that shares your commitment to liberty. We also do the back-end work of grant making for you and save you the attorney fees, filing costs, and excises taxes that come from a private foundation.

9) With a donor-advised fund, you retain the right to support a wide array of charitable causes. With DonorsTrust, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re protected against gifts going to organizations supported by significant sums of government money or that promote ideas that expand government.

10) A donor-advised fund gives you more power over your charitable giving by centralizing that giving in one easy-to-use vehicle.

Need more convincing? Check out this new video that explains the value of DonorsTrust.

Why Choose DonorsTrust?

Convinced? Ready to start? Download an application here or call us at 703-535-3563 to discuss how a donor-advised fund might help your specific situation.

The Bill of Rights enshrined the liberties you and I inherently value. However, keeping America free comes from the continued devotion of those willing to use their resources to keep that spirit of liberty alive. We’d be honored to work with you to do just that, all in a way that will simplify your giving, reduce your taxes, and protect your donor intent.


  • Peter Lipsett

    Peter Lipsett is vice president at DonorsTrust. He also leads DonorsTrust’s Novus Society, a network of donors under 40 committed to growing their philanthropic know-how. He has a dual degree in political science and theater from Davidson College and finally got a practical credential with an MBA from George Mason University.

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