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Many people often think a private foundation is the only way to manage charitable giving. But with its extensive paperwork, required filling, mandatory payouts, and excise taxes and legal fees, many people find a private foundation to be too bureaucratic, too invasive, or just too expensive.

There is a better way.

A donor-advised fund can give you the tax benefits and efficiency you want without the management, mandatory disclosures, and required payouts.

With a donor-advised fund at DonorsTrust, you get an additional benefit – a partner who shares your commitment to the ideals of liberty.

For 15 years, DonorsTrust has been the sole donor-advised fund dedicated to safeguarding the charitable intentions of donors who are committed to promoting a free society. DonorsTrust is guided by the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. We differentiate ourselves from other community foundations and donor-advised funds by providing a safe, efficient, and principled philanthropic vehicle.

Simple, Private, and Tax-Efficient

With a donor-advised fund, you make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to the fund provider, receive your tax benefit immediately, and then can make your grants over time. Donor-advised accounts offer superior tax treatment, flexibility, and privacy while avoiding the costs and burdens of private foundations.

A small management fee provides you with a team that will manage the grant-making process. You make a request for a grant disbursement and the DonorsTrust team takes it from there, conducting due diligence, processing the grant, and managing any paperwork.

Compare a private foundation to a donor-advised fund.

Why Use DonorsTrust?

Liberty-minded clients find DonorsTrust helps them in many ways:

  • Reduced administrative burden – far easier than managing a private foundation or keeping up with many receipts from checkbook giving
  • An additional layer of privacy in giving
  • The ability to give in a more tax-advantaged way
  • Assurance that their donor intent will be protected after they can no longer manage their giving
  • A partner who understands and shares their commitment to preserving liberty into the future

Any organization offering donor-advised funds can help with those first three points. Only DonorsTrust holds donor intent and advancing liberty at its core.

Is DonorsTrust for You?

If your goal is to create a fund that will last into perpetuity, DonorsTrust isn’t for you.

Why? Our clients know that it is all too common for philanthropic capital – especially from foundations – to stray from the original donor’s wishes as the years go by. Future generations too often set aside the free-market principles that made their philanthropy possible in the first place.

As an antidote to this drift, DonorsTrust was established as a 501(c)(3) public charity to ensure the intent of donors who are dedicated to the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. As further insurance against this drift, DonorsTrust clients are asked to close their accounts within 25 years of their death – and in fact many of our clients set a much shorter term.

Find Out More

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Charitable giving should be a pleasure, not a chore. Let DonorsTrust help make your giving easy.

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