Our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness face continual attack.

For those committed to preserving our hard-won freedoms, constant vigilance is required, both now and far into the future.

For 15 years, DonorsTrust has helped hundreds of people in their efforts to preserve and advance liberty, safeguard their charitable intent, and leave a legacy built on the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.

Yet preserving liberty in the here and now is only a start. Our goal, and the goal of DonorsTrust’s clients, is to leave a legacy of liberty for generations to come.

The Simple, Private, and Tax-Efficient Charitable Solution

DonorsTrust offers one of the most popular and flexible charitable vehicles—donor-advised accounts—to help liberty-minded donors accomplish their charitable goals. Donor-advised accounts offer superior tax treatment, flexibility, and anonymity while avoiding the costs and burdens of private foundations.

Any donor-advised fund can offer those financial and administrative benefits. Only DonorsTrust truly understands you and your commitment to the principles of liberty.

DonorsTrust began 15 years ago as an alternative to traditional community foundations and private foundations, where there is a tendency for charitable capital to drift away from the original donors’ wishes and the free-market principles that make philanthropy possible.

Our founding benefactor wisely doubted the ability and commitment of his local community foundation to honor his charitable intent. After a conversation with our chairman, Kim Dennis, Bruce realized what he needed was a community foundation for liberty-minded donors.

That conversation gave birth to DonorsTrust.

Since starting with a single account in 1999, more than 200 individual donors, families, companies, and non-profit groups have chosen DonorsTrust as the solution for their charitable giving. Over the past 15 years, DonorsTrust clients have contributed more than $850 million to their donor-advised accounts. More importantly, our client donors have recommended more than $740 million in grants to advance the cause of liberty.

The Difference is Principles

DonorsTrust sets itself apart from other donor-advised fund providers through our focus on preserving donor intent for donors committed to advancing liberty. We continue to maintain our position as the sole liberty-oriented donor-advised fund dedicated to providing a safe, efficient, and philosophically principled charitable platform for donors.

How do we maintain that focus on preserving donor intent?

  • We ask all account holders to provide us with a written statement of their donor intent. This statement serves as a guide to those who steward the account after the donor’s death, whether that is a successor advisor they appoint or the leadership of DonorsTrust.
  • All accounts at DonorsTrust are required to close, or “sunset”, within 25 years of the benefactor’s death. This time limit assures that future generations who may not have known the original account holder’s wishes well – if at all – won’t be responsible for trying to stay true to them.
  • Our board of directors continually reviews all potential grantee organizations to confirm they aren’t working to expand the size and scope of government and don’t receive large amounts of government money. If they fail those criteria, they will not receive a grant. 

Build Your Legacy with Confidence

For the donor committed to building a legacy of liberty, there is no better partner than DonorsTrust. As one of our clients told us, 

If all donor-advised funds offer essentially the same services, why wouldn’t I go with the one that shares my principles?

Do you share the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise? Would you like to better understand how you can preserve those principles today and after you pass away? If so, use the form below to let us know. We will contact you to learn how we can help you build your legacy of liberty.

Ronald Reagan famously reminded us that liberty is always one generation away from extinction. Together, we can ensure the flame of liberty does not die out on our watch, but is fueled into the future.


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