Postmark Your Contributions by Dec. 30

When it comes to wrapping up your year-end giving, remember these important deadlines.

Postmark Your Charitable Gift by Dec. 30

Keep in mind that, while you have until December 31 to postmark charitable gifts to count for the 2022 tax year, the last day of the year is Saturday.

That means, if you want to mail a contribution to a charity or establish your donor-advised fund, mail your contribution in no later than Saturday, December 30 and consider sending it certified mail.

Banks will also be closed on Monday, December 26. Don’t miss your chance to minimize your taxes–and maximize your charitable impact–in 2022.

DonorsTrust A Refuge in Times of Political Polarization

In today’s polarized climate, many conservative and libertarian donors worry about politically correct voices spoiling more than just movies. It rolls into our charitable giving as well.

But your voice matters, especially when it comes to giving. At DonorsTrust, we believe philanthropy is a  form of free speech – and you supporting  your favorite causes is a critical use for that voice.

Given that, if I or any of my DonorsTrust colleagues can make charitable giving a little less daunting for you, we want to help. In fact, we were built to do just that.

It’s Not Too Late to Open Your Account Before Year’s End

Not only are our giving accounts simple, private (you can pick your level of anonymity for each grant you request) and tax-advantaged, but you’re also part of a like-minded community committed to growing a more free and prosperous society.

Our givers are devoted to preserving constitutional liberties and uplifting others through private charity rather than through imperfect government bureaucracies.

Does that appeal to you? If so, please reach out. We  would be happy to talk with you about whether a donor-advised fund would be a fit for your giving.

Open Your Fund


Start Protecting Your Intent Today.

Are you interested in giving to nonprofits that align with your conservative or libertarian values? If so, consider opening a simple, secure, tax-advantaged giving account with DonorsTrust.