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Are you committed to the principles of liberty and a free society? Do you support those principles through your charitable giving?

If so, a donor-advised account at DonorsTrust can help you marry your principles to your philanthropy in a way that is simple, secure, and tax-efficient.

For 15 years, DonorsTrust has been the sole donor-advised fund dedicated to safeguarding the charitable intentions of donors who are committed to promoting a free society. DonorsTrust is guided by the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. We differentiate ourselves from other community foundations and donor-advised funds by providing a safe, efficient, and principled philanthropic vehicle.

Simple, Private, and Tax-Efficient

Donor-advised funds offer donors one of the most tax-advantaged ways to give to charity – while at the same time simplifying the giving process.

  • Reduced administrative burden – far easier than managing a private foundation or keeping up with many receipts from checkbook giving
  • An additional layer of privacy in giving
  • The ability to give in a more tax-advantaged way
  • Assurance that their donor intent will be protected after they can no longer manage their giving
  • A partner who understands and shares their commitment to preserving liberty into the future

Any organization offering donor-advised funds can help with those first three points. Only DonorsTrust holds donor intent and advancing liberty at its core.

Why Use DonorsTrust?

DonorsTrust is able to assist like-minded donors by offering one of the most popular and flexible charitable vehicles—donor-advised accounts—to help accomplish their charitable goals. Donor-advised accounts offer superior tax treatment, flexibility, and privacy while avoiding the costs and paperwork of private foundations or the burdens of checkbook giving.

Find Out More

Would you like to learn more about how DonorsTrust can help safeguard your charitable intent and simplify your giving? Simply share your name and email address so we can continue the conversation. In doing so, you can download for free our “8 Steps to Securing Donor Intent,” offering action-oriented steps you can take now to begin safeguarding your charitable aims.

To start a conversation about how DonorsTrust can help you safeguard your charitable intent and simplify your giving, share your name and email address with us below.