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Are you committed to the principles of liberty and a free society? Do you support those principles through your charitable giving?

If so, a donor-advised account at DonorsTrust can help you marry your principles to your philanthropy in a way that is simple, secure, and tax-efficient.

For 15 years, DonorsTrust has been the sole donor-advised fund dedicated to safeguarding the charitable intentions of donors who are committed to promoting a free society. DonorsTrust is guided by the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise. We differentiate ourselves from other community foundations and donor-advised funds by providing a safe, efficient, and principled philanthropic vehicle.

Why Use DonorsTrust?

DonorsTrust is able to assist like-minded donors by offering one of the most popular and flexible charitable vehicles—donor-advised accounts—to help accomplish their charitable goals. Donor-advised accounts offer superior tax treatment, flexibility, and privacy while avoiding the costs and paperwork of private foundations or the burdens of checkbook giving.

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