Protect your charitable intent with a


made for liberty-minded people like you


You have a vision for your charitable dollars.

But do your friends and loved ones share your commitment to supporting liberty? Will they make sure your philanthropic legacy outlasts you – in a way that you would recognize?

Over time, philanthropic capital tends to drift farther and farther away from the original donor’s wishes, and farther from the free-market principles that made that wealth possible.

Liberty-minded donors find DonorsTrust can help in many ways.

Reduced administrative burden – far easier than managing a private foundation or keeping up with many receipts from checkbook giving

An additional layer of privacy in giving

The ability to give in a more tax-advantaged way

Assurance that their donor intent will be protected after they can no longer manage their giving

A partner who understands and shares their commitment to preserving liberty into the future

Any organization offering donor-advised funds can help with those first three points.  Only DonorsTrust holds donor intent and advancing liberty at its core.

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