Stop Giving To Your Alma Mater—Give to These Pro-Israel Charities Instead

Words fail us when describing the terror unfolding in the Middle East—and the innocent Israeli men, women and children—babies—massacred by Hamas.

The vocal support for Hamas at universities across the United States, moreover, is proof this fight isn’t happening in a vacuum; it’s on our doorstep, too.

Angela Morabito—spokesperson for the pro-Israel Defense of Freedom Institute, an approved DonorsTrust grantee—pinned a thread of the antisemitic statements published by U.S. college groups in the wake of Hamas’ terror attack.

The thread includes statements from student groups out of Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, George Washington University, the University of Virginia, New York University, Rice University, the University of North Carolina and others.

As Princeton University Professor Robert P. George said in response to pro-Hamas statements, “31—yes—31 Harvard organizations have declared that the murders, rapes, kidnappings, and other atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent people are in no way the fault of Hamas, but are rather entirely the fault of … Israel. Something is deeply, deeply wrong in academia.”

Lawson has been saying it for years as he meets with givers all over the world: Donors and alumni of major colleges and universities need to pull their funding to these left-wing institutions and consider giving their charitable dollars to special projects or alternative colleges and universities that are pro-Israel.

As our friend Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill, former executive director of the Fund for Academic Renewal, says, “Some donors’ philanthropic aspirations are best advanced by a regional or national nonprofit that serves students through promoting the principles and ideals of liberty, rather than by a particular school.”

In addition to diverting charitable dollars away from left-wing colleges and universities that promulgate poisonous ideas that victim-blame and promote terrorism, charitable givers—especially at this time—should consider submitting grant requests that support pro-Israel charities.

Here is a partial list of some pro-Israel groups already approved by the DonorsTrust board of trustees for possible support. At a time like this—when words don’t seem to suffice—we implore you to give.

1. Zaka

Zaka is an elite, non-governmental emergency response and search-and-rescue organization with over 3,000 civilian volunteers deployed around the country. Units are on call 24/7 to respond to any terror attack, disaster, or accident immediately, professionally, and with the necessary equipment. Though they receive little government funding, Zaka units are recognized as a civil extension of Israel’s emergency services, and its units work in close cooperation with all the emergency services and security forces.

The U.S.-based entity, Zaka Tel-Aviv, raises funds for a single unit of Zaka, located in Tel Aviv, which serves more than 21 cities in Central Israel. Donations to the United States affiliate help Zaka Tel-Aviv purchase medical equipment and supplies.

2. American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center bills itself as the leading hospital and trauma center in Israel, and it is the only major hospital in southern Israel, where a disproportionate number of those injured in the recent terrorist attacks were treated. It has a major trauma unit and is relied on by the IDF and the region. It has a robust list of the equipment needs in this current crisis and appears positioned to rapidly deploy dollars in tending to the wounded.

3. Israel Independent Fund

IIF partners with Israeli non-profit organizations that work to build, strengthen, and enhance Israel as a secure, vibrant, and thriving Jewish State, and it provides them with both funding and strategic consulting. It is currently raising funds for emergency needs, including medical supplies and non-medical equipment, such as sleeping bags, flashlights, batteries, etc. for distribution to families in shelters and others displaced by the recent terrorist attacks.

4. American Friends of Magen David Adom

MDA is Israel’s official representative to the International Red Cross. Like the American Red Cross, it provides disaster relief, blood donation services, and other health programs. But in Israel, MDA is also the principle supplier of ambulance service throughout the country. In addition to funding its general terrorism response needs, MDA launched an Ambulance Emergency Campaign to purchase hundreds of new ambulances due to sharply increased need.

5. Israel Rescue, Friends of United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is a volunteer emergency medical services organization that provides EMTs, doctors, nurses, and other trained medical personnel to supplement local EMS in times of need, including terror attacks, wars, and natural disasters.

6. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Pro-Israel IFCJ works to build bridges of goodwill between Christians and Jews in Israel by providing support for hospitals, EMS, and emergency preparedness efforts; providing food and medical care to impoverished Jews; and promoting fellowship between Christians and Jews. It has a dedicated to fund to support the victims of the terrorist attacks by, among other things, providing food and services to families in bomb shelters and those displaced from their homes by the terrorist attacks.

7. UJA-Federation of NY (United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York)

This New York-based organization supports efforts to combat poverty and feed the homeless, funds mental-health programs and services for people with disabilities, and supports social justice and inclusion around the world. It also provides substantial funding for global humanitarian relief in areas stricken by war, natural disasters, terror, violence, and hatred. DonorsTrust has approved its Israel Emergency Fund as an eligible grantee. That fund is devoted to helping Israelis afflicted by the recent terrorist attacks.

8. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

The organization assists IDF soldiers and support personnel with programs and services to help with education, finance, health and well-being, and cultural initiatives. It also distributes medical supplies to field hospitals, hygiene kits, clothing, etc., and it now is focused substantially on meeting the needs of IDF personnel during the terrorist attack response.

9. Central Fund of Israel

CFI raises funding from U.S. donors to support nearly 500 charitable causes around Israel. Its grantees include a “Who’s Who” of Israeli non-profits in the medical, education, humanitarian, community-building, and religious fields. Donations designated for Israeli terrorist relief efforts are going toward the purchase of supplies for military and EMS personnel, including bullet-proof vests and similar items.

10. Jewish National Fund

JNF facilitates grants to Israeli charities, but primarily works directly to finance education, health, environmental and agricultural, infrastructure, community-building, and scientific research projects. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, it launched a $10 million campaign to provide aid for those affected by helping evacuate families displaced by the violence, providing firefighting and protective equipment to EMS entities, funding counseling and psychological treatment for children who have witnessed violence, etc.

11. Shalem College via the Shalem Foundation

A long-time DonorsTrust grantee, Shalem College in Jerusalem has been contributing to the anti-terrorism and terror relief efforts. Many of its students have been called up for IDF service, while many of those who have not are coordinating with the IDF and emergency response services to source and deliver needed supplies to the uniform services, and helping to provide necessary food, toiletries, and medicines to evacuees. Contributions can be directed to support these efforts. Shalem’s president is Russ Roberts, a well known free-market economist who hosts the popular “Econtalk” podcast.

The Larger Fight Against Terrorism

This is a unique situation as it is not solely focused on humanitarian relief, but also an important piece of a larger fight to bolster pro-Israel charities and defeat terrorist activities. If you do not already have a DonorsTrust giving account, consider opening one that can support pro-Israel efforts now and in the future. The simplicity, security and tax benefits are nice, but the principles behind the giving are more critical.



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