Tax Law Change: What It Means for Philanthropy

What effects can donors expect to see as a result of December’s massive tax overhaul? Did donors miss out on the best time to give or are there tax-advantaged reasons for giving now? And will it even matter for America’s donors?

DonorsTrust president Lawson Bader joined the Bob Harden Radio Show Thursday for a short but wide-ranging discussion that examines the charitable impact of the tax bill as well as a number of other topics. Scroll down to listen to the full interview.

In the ten-minute interview, they explored important philanthropic issues related to the new tax law. Bob and Lawson also looked at why there’s been an increase in recommendations from wealth advisors and financial pundits to use a donor-advised fund in the wake of the new law.

Many effects of the bill remain unknown. As Lawson noted, any change in tax law roils the status quo. Still, there may be some real advantages from a tax perspective for donors to increase their giving this year. He elaborates on why this is in the interview.

Bob also has Lawson offer insight into the special value DonorsTrust brings to the donor-advised fund and community foundation landscape.

From serving as a check on which charities are living up to their mission, to finding non-public policy organizations that still align with one’s limited-government principles, to being able to grow your charitable investments tax free, a boutique, mission-driven donor-advised fund at DonorsTrust offers a number of unique advantages for the charitably minded liberty donor.

Take a listen – just click play below or download it and listen to it on your own time. To learn more about DonorsTrust, download our free account prospectus to get a deeper sense of whether a donor-advised fund would benefit your charitable efforts.

Bob Harden Show

Special thanks to the Bob Harden Show for permission to share this interview.


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